What to expect from a BWB course

Through running my baby massage courses from home, my main aim is to take away some of the concerns you may have about getting out and about with your newborn. There is ample on-street parking right outside the front door or if you need to bring your pram, there is plenty of space inside to wheel it in without any need for collapsing. If you need to change your little one I have plenty of change mats on hand and you’d be more then welcome to make yourself comfy in the lounge (or wherever you’d feel most confident) should your baby need feeding.

baby leg massage

My courses are run over five consecutive weeks and each class lasts up to one hour. During each session you will learn how to massage a different area of your baby’s body (including a special routine to help with colic, constipation and/or wind). Each week the massage strokes are repeated so that with practise, they will soon become like second nature.

There is time set aside each week for discussion on baby-related topics (or usually whatever takes the mood!) over a nice cup of tea/coffee and a delve in the biscuit tin!

baby stomach massage

Throughout the course I will provide massage oil, mats, hand-out sheets detailing the strokes covered each week and refreshments. All you will need to bring is a familiar towel or small blanket for your baby (mainly to help reassure them whilst in unfamiliar surroundings). The temperature of the room needs to be lovely and toasty warm for your baby to feel comfortable and secure whilst undressed for massage so I recommend wearing something comfy yourself (especially as we will be sitting on the floor)

Periods of crying, snoozing, fussing, feeding and little accidents will inevitably occur throughout the course so please be assured that babies are welcomed with ALL their moods – that’s what makes them unique! The classes are baby-led so if you need to attend to various needs (and I’m sure you will!) I will always repeat anything missed when you’re both ready.

baby feet massage

* Please note that throughout the course, your baby will only experience being massaged by yourself at all times