Massage for babies born prematurely

From the short stay that I experienced in the neonatal unit with my twins, I felt I had no sense of control over what was happening – the loud conversations, constant phones ringing, harsh lighting, high decibels of incubators, sharp bleeping of equipment, doors buzzing – all on top of already feeling emotional & stressed. I felt deprived of that initial ‘bonding’ moment I’d hoped for and instead of having those dreamy first snuggles, sat looking at my babies attached to all kinds of scary looking apparatus, feeling helpless.

Once your baby has left the hospital and is stable, baby massage can be a lovely way of making up for lost time. With your loving touch & reassurance, your baby will anticipate being touched as a pleasurable, relaxing experience and a time to feel security & trust.

If you alert me at the time of booking I can make sure we take slow progression from simple relaxation techniques, resting hands & containment holds to massage.