A very warm WELCOME to Bond With Baby,

If you fancy learning how to massage your baby in a friendly and informal setting then Bond With Baby could provide the perfect course for you. My name is Alex and I am a fully qualified Infant Massage Instructor, member of the International Association of Infant Massage (www.iaim.org.uk) and full time mother of twins. I can provide relaxing, fun, hassle-free courses – all in the comfort of my home in York (providing soft lighting, a snuggly temperature, comfy couches and chilled out music).

Baby massage class in York

Although group classes are small and intimate, if you would prefer to enjoy a Bond With Baby course in the comfort of your own home, or amongst a group of friends (an NCT group for example) then I would be equally delighted to offer you a private course.

Baby massage is a gentle, relaxing and incredibly rewarding way of spending quality time with your new baby. It won’t be long before your tiny little one will be on the move and these early months will seem like sweet memories! Whilst your baby is content laying flat, or simply snuggled into your arms, why not take advantage of this intimate, tender stage and learn how to give them a soothing massage?